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Mere do anmol ratan

The Unconditional Love
The Unwavering Faith

The Angry Tantrums
The Innocent Apologies

The Unyielding Trust
The Confused Questions

The Pride Of Achievement
The Excitement Of Praise

The Wide Eyed Amazement
The Dilated Eyed Compassion

The Happiness While Awake
The Smile When Asleep

The Fear Of The Unknown
The Overcoming Of Fears

You Are The Dearest
You Are The Best

Nice one.

Came across this blog entry:


Some food for thought at the end of the post. While bigots complain about muslim women wearing veils in non islamic countries, they forget about non-muslims wearing skimpy to no outfits in islamic countries. A Douchebag would always say that women are forced to wear veils in Islam.

Meandering thoughts!!!

What do journalists expect when they ask Prince William to compare Princess Diana and Kate Middleton? A controversy. Seriously. How dumb can a journalist get? Leave the guy (cannot be counted as poor). One is his wife and the other his mother.

What would happen if he says Kate is better? - A controversy.

What would have happened had he said Diana is better?

I am sure that kate Middleton has her own fan following from the younger generation. To me, Diana was an Icon and will remain so. I am not bothered about her private life.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested for molestation of a hotel maid.
Schwarzenegger has come out clean on fathering a child out of marriage.

Media has criticized both "men". Neither was criticism directed at their nationality or religion. Wonder what would have happened if some one influential from gulf/middle eastern countries was caught molesting a maid.

Excerpt from an article:

In their statement, the feminists said friends and allies of Strauss-Kahn had downplayed the plight of the alleged victim in their rush to defend the Socialist, who until his fall was well placed to beat President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 elections.

The lawyer for the maid said his client was a 32-year-old widow from the West African nation of Guinea, who has a daughter aged 15.

"We do not know what happened in New York Saturday May 14, but we know what has been happening in France in the past week. We are witnessing a sudden rise of sexist and reactionary reflexes, so quick to surface among part of the French elite," the groups said in a statement on the website of Le Monde.

Organised by groups including "Osez le feminisme" and "La Barbe," the petition was signed by more than a 1,000 women, including TV journalist Audrey Pulvar, whose partner Arnaud Montebourg is bidding to be the Socialist candidate next year.

"There is a certain impunity in France when it comes to this kind of uninhibited sexism," the groups said.

The groups said that 75,000 women were raped in France every year and that sexist language in public tended to minimise the gravity of crime, turning it into a vague and more or less acceptable act.

The groups referred to specific statements, including one by former culture minister and Strauss-Kahn ally Jack Lang, who said Strauss-Kahn should have been released on bail earlier, considering that "nobody has died."

Journalist Jean-Franois Kahn, no relation, denied rape had taken place and dismissed the affair as "troussage de domestique," a phrase that evokes a master having non-consensual sex with a servant.

Excerpt ends.
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/21/us-strausskahn-feminists-idUSTRE74K21S20110521

The above details made me look up for world statistics on rape/molestation@

Huh!!! Muslims treat women cruelly.

Oh and for all the muddle heads who think Bangladesh and the muslim world has treated Taslima nasrin badly, can you clear your murky brains and eyes and look for where Khaleda zia and Sheikh Hasina could reach from the same country. A word of advice for taslima nasrin and all people of her ilk - if you are trying to court controversy, you should be prepared to face the challenges. If Hindus condemned and protested against their goddesses being depicted on Bikinis, can you call them cruel? You know you are hurting someones sentiment, so be prepared to face the consequences.

Thankfully it is not the apocalypse today. I was not ready yet. Wish I be in India with my Family if I am still alive when it really happens.


Keeping my fingers crossed.

Corruption! How sinful is this term? How much of pain can this cause? How far reaching are the effects of the actions of corrupt people?

Came across an article on dictionary.com (http://flashcards.dictionary.com/deckprofile/view/82357/the-seven-deadly-sins-flashcards/) which lists the seven deadly sins. Wish even this was included on the list.

Also missing is the sin of stealing. To this day I remember reading Kite Runner and enjoying how the author describes "Theft" as the worst sin:

"Now, no matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft... When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife's right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness... There is no act more wretched than stealing, Amir"

To me corruption also ranks right along side theft. After facing corruption at many occasions and submitting into supporting corrupt people, I felt frustrated and dejected. Corruption can at most basic level can cause frustration or it can steal someone's livelihood.....well the list goes on. If the conspiracies behind the Iraq war at to be believed, then even the war was an action of greedy people corrupting the administration.

Anna Hazare has taken up a good cause. I hope he succeeds in his mission. And it is not just the drafting of the lokpal bill, I would be happy when I see/read/hear that people are so scared of it that they think twice before joining politics. Only people with conscience and a heart willing to serve the people should make it to the top. Sounds far fetched, but everything is possible. The day politicians are made to answer for their actions, I am sure we would not have a choice for electing officials. There would hardly be anyone left to take up the responsibility. Politics has become a money minting machine and a corrupt administration and judiciary system adds to the woes.

Hope that they include a clause in the bill or somehow make it mandatory for all the elected officials to publish the funds allocated and the expenses incurred along with bills/invoices every quarter. Not a very detailed one. But may be something that highlights the highest 80% of the expenses. Keeping my fingers crossed.

P.S: Temperature has hit 80's (about 28 c). Finally.


Skewed - News of the world.

What web sites come to mind when you talk about global news? Google? BBC? CNN? Guardian?

Sri Lanka today is reeling under floods. ( http://english.aljazeera.net/video/asia/2011/02/20112645020521368.html )

I came to know about this when I visited a link which read "Al Jazeera English gains cachet in U.S. during Egypt rallies". (http://www.usatoday.com/money/media/2011-02-07-aljazeera07_ST_N.htm)

There is some saying which roughly means that "no one can hide talent and truth".

I really liked the web site because it has the news in a way that might bring to ones' notice the immediate problems.

Oh yes, it mentions the super bowl 45 winner GB Packers too. But other web sites just have that and no mention of 1 million less human people.

Guardian mentions about "Fires destroy 40 houses in Australia" but nothing about the Sri lankan floods. (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/feb/07/bushfires-western-australia-homes-destroyed)

Google News has this

Perth Area Declared Disaster Zone After Wildfires
Wall Street Journal - Stephen Bell - ‎55 minutes ago‎
PERTH—Western Australia's state premier declared an area near the city of Perth a disaster zone Monday after wildfires spread out of control, destroying homes, roads and power lines.
Video: Video of wildfire raging in Australia, at least 35 homes destroyed RT
Perth fire destroys 40 homes Sydney Morning Herald
The Australian - Sky News - ABC Online - Perth Now
all 844 news articles »


Why is that the color of your skin (black or brown) makes you less human in the eyes of these great fighters of justice and equal rights?

1 million is not a small number to overlook. And yet none of the top web sites of unbiased news found place for reporting the disaster.

Oh yes many western countries would pledge aid to the people affected, but then it would be too late and too little by the time it reaches them. And yes when it does all these web sites would run cover stories about how the aid is being provided.

I hope Al Jazeera does not become one such web site.


All I have to do - Dream!!!

Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream
When I want you in my arms
When I want you and all your charms
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Dream, dream, dream, dream
When I feel blue in the night
And I need you to hold me tight
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is

I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is, gee whiz
I’m dreamin’ my life away

I need you so that I could die
I love you so and that is why
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Dream, dream, dream, dream

I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine
Anytime night or day
Only trouble is, gee whiz
I’m dreamin’ my life away

I need you so that I could die
I love you so and that is why
Whenever I want you, all I have to do is
Dream, dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream, dream

video link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m24uUzJgfwQ

Mockery at its zenith.

Excerpt begins

Ask someone on the street to name a moral hero; if he isn't at a loss, he'll likely name someone like Jesus Christ or Mother Teresa. Why? Because they're regarded as people of faith who shunned personal profit for the collective good. No one would dream of naming Galileo, Darwin, Thomas Edison or John D. Rockefeller.

Yet we should. It is they, not the Mother Teresas of the world, that we should strive to be like and teach our kids the same.

If morality is judgment to discern the truth and courage to act on it and make something of and for your own life, then these individuals, in their capacity as great creators, are moral exemplars. Put another way, if morality is a guide in the quest to achieve your own happiness by creating the values of mind and body that make a successful life, then morality is about personal profit, not its renunciation.

Excerpt ends.

Morality as I know would be defined to be (first part taken from above)

morality is judgment to discern the truth and courage to act on it and make something of and for your own life "while not negotiating with other peoples values as well".

And the last part: "then morality is about personal profit, not its renunciation." PLEASE!!!!

GAWD! Are you Human? Do you understand the difference between Greed and Morality.

I am sure all the people mentioned above must be shuddering in their graves.

If morality is about personal profits, almost all politicians, scam-sters and con men should be the best examples.

This is awesome man. Imagine children being asked to study the likes of Harshad Mehta and Telgi.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/09/16/brook.moral.code.outdated/index.html?iref=NS1

Hope someone can convey to the CNNs editorial board to at least have a look at what they print/publish or air.

Do Iraqis deserve an Apology?

History doesn't allow mulligans. If it did, Iraq's might have meant a stepped-up version of the post-Gulf war "containment" regime of sanctions, inspections and no-fly zones. It's surreal to recall that the no-fly zones were once thought to be "expensive," before we dropped a trillion dollars on a war. Hussein would have died one day of old age or been slain by rivals, and a bloody succession battle would have ensued. He would have done many awful things in the meantime. But America can't solve every evil in the world. Hussein's villainy was never a reason for war, just as the plight of Afghan women can't be reason to devote 150,000 troops and untold billions to chase down what the CIA says are 60 to 80 members of al-Qaeda.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/01/AR2010090102866.html?waporef=obinsite

May be Saddam should be blamed for recession too. Can the coallation forces bomb the Dead? Mr. Blair, are you listening? Can you somehow scheme a war to kill the Dead? You are one of the most shameless people living on earth.


Pee loon tere neelay neelay nainon se shabnam
Pee loon tere geelay geelay hoton ki sargam
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

Tere sang ishq taari hain
Tere sang ik khumari hain

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekhraari hain

Tere sang ishq taari hain
Tere sang ik khumari hain

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekharaari hain

Tere bin jeee nahin lagda, tere bin jeeee nahin sakda
Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan, khurbaan, meherbaan, ke main toh khurbaan
Sun le zara, tere khurbaan

Hosh mein rahun kyon aaj main
Tu meri baahon mein simti hai, mujh mein samayee hai yun
Jis tarah ki koi hoh nadi, tu mere seenay mein chupti hai sagar tumhara main hoon
Pee loon teri dheemi dheemi lehron ki cham cham
Pee loon teri saundhi saundhi saanson ko har dum
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

Tere sang ishq taari hain
Tere sang ik khumari hain

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekhraari hain

Tere sang ishq taari hain
Tere sang ik khumari hain

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekhraari hain

Shaam ko miloon jo main tujhe
Toh bura subah na jaane kyon kuch maan jaati hai yeh
Har lamha, har gadi har pehar
Hi teri yaadon se tadpa ke mujhko jalati hai yeh
Pee loon main dheere dheere jalne ka yeh ghumm
Pee loon inn gore gore haanthon se hum dum
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam

Tere sang ishq taari hain
Tere sang ik khumari hain

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekhraari hain

Tere sang ishq taari hain
Tere sang ik khumari hain

Tere sang chain bhi mujhko
Tere sang bekhraari hain

Tere bin jee nahi lagda, tere bin jee nahi sakda
Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan, kurbaan, meharbaan, ke main toh kurbaan
Sun le zara, tere kurbaan....

If the movie is not yet released, this would be the first song in a long time that I listened so many times that I memorized before the actual movie was released.

P.S: Had heard someone comment that he drinks before singing. Well I am not bothered much as long as this gets delivered.

As always - wish that the song was given to some other actor.

A cup of Nescafe!

Coffee at office back home was a BIG no. Bad taste and bad smell. I was under the assumption that coffee at US offices would be better. Alas. It is the same case here. They have 3 different type (One is Decaf. Wonder why do we need a Decaf coffee at all. Hot water would atleast reduce the fats.) All three are of no use. I still love the good old nescafe so much so that I have bought a jar at office.

While I am on it check this on the coffee history:

(Source http://hotword.dictionary.com/?p=254)

Learn the mystery of coffee’s name (and a beautiful phrase along the way)
June 23, 2010 2 Comments Share Just how caffeinated do you like to be? A medical study has found that the more coffee subjects guzzled during the day, the lower their risk of contracting a rare form of head and neck cancer. People who drank at least 4 cups a day seemed to cut their risk by one-third.

Who doesn’t love to have a vice transformed into a virtue? A classic part of coffee’s mystique is the name “coffee” itself. The uncertainty around its etymology spans continents.

Leave it to the Italians to introduce coffee to the rest of Europe, as caffe. This word derives from the Turkish kahveh, which in turn stems from Arabic qahwah, short for qahhwat al-bun, meaning “wine of the bean.” This poetic phrase led to the misunderstanding that qahwah also meant “wine.”

Take another sip before you read on. Some researchers suggest that the story of coffee’s name goes further, originating from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa which is one of the historic homes of the bean. In Kaffa, coffee is called buno, and in Arabic the raw bean can be known as bunn. Returning to the lovely “wine of the bean,” qahhwat al-bun, both Ethiopian words are present.

To close, here are a few lesser-known coffee drinks. See if you know how they are made, and what they taste like.


Café royale


p.s: Chai to gayee hi gayee coffee ke liye bhi tarasna padh raha hai. Boohoooo.....